Calvin D. Ward, MS

   You know, my philosophy of life entails and embraces a foundation made of the substances of faith, theology, metaphysics, science, business, practicality and experience. I live my life knowing that I have been endowed with God-like qualities and capabilities, since I was made the image of God , and that it is my responsibility to God and man to appropriately steward  and experience the divinity that has been given to me. I have learned that continual education, both secular and religious, combined with faith, trials and experiences with  a little meaningful loving relationships makes for a recipe of fine living. The mind is the source and key to maintaining your spiritual you as well as your physical you. We are to maintain our bodies as the temple of the divine.

     Temperance is necessary in all things. The body must be exercised and good eating habits must be enforced if long life, good health and spiritual longevity are to be enjoyed. Many leaders suffer from depression, drug abuse, diverse types of mental illness and bodily dysfunctions due to a lack of taking care of their temple - the body.  We must be balanced spiritually and physically so as to bring equilibrium to the whole man. Any imbalance is sure to be manifested is physical ailments and open doors for spiritual contamination.  My philosophy of life might be summed up as, “Know thyself, heal yourself and heal the world.”

     With an extensive military, personal trianing, life coaching speaking background, I will definitnely take you to a new level.

-C.D. Ward-